Old Southern Carrot Cake Recipe

When you remember the most significant moments of your life–graduations, birthdays, weddings, and even funerals–, it is possible the occasion marked by a gathering that included a cake. If you are Southern, the events must have included cakes.

You may remember the variety of cakes loved over the years, but the only one you probably never ate was the one served when you were born. The popularity of cake trends come and go along with American culture and society. The Americans love to jump on the bandwagon and have a piece of whatever everyone else is having.

Carrot Cake, in one form or another, has been around for centuries due to the simplicity of using carrots (along with other naturally sweet vegetables) instead of sugar. Sometime during or after World War II, if it was an increase of health-conscious public or a consequence of sugar rationing, the carrot cake “made a comeback” and was popular both in restaurants and at home.

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roasted veggies turkey meal

Holiday Cooking Shortcuts, Tricks, & Tips To Join The Fun

Once again, Christmas holidays are with us, and the mood for festivities is gaining momentum. Delicious dishes usually accompany the festive season so you should know various cooking tips. There are multiple cooking shortcuts and tips that can make your life easy during busy Christmas holidays.   

The following are some of the cooking tips that can make your holiday enjoyable with peers and colleagues. These tips can also help you avoid certain kitchen mishaps while at the same time serving delicious dishes to your guests. The following are also cooking tricks that improve the taste of food.

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wine for a party

Choosing The Right Wine For A Party

Imagine the situation. There is a group of guests coming over for a dinner party, perhaps colleagues or potential clients that the host must impress. These invitees all need good entertainment, hospitality and – most importantly – great food and the right wine for a party.

But, the host barely knows these people.  The host will have a hard time understanding what type of wine the dinner guests would expect at the party.

What is a good host to do, especially with so many individuals attending?

Figuring out the type of wine for each guest is too difficult. There is no way to please all of the guests all of the time when stocking up on wine.

For starters, hosts can’t start going around asking for individual preferences. This tactic is time-consuming and a little over-kill in some circumstances. This asking approach also runs the risk of high costs. Finding individual bottles for each guest is impractical.

Instead, hosts need to stock up on an inexpensive crowd-pleaser that will get the job done.  Stocking up may seem like a risky strategy with deals and relationships on the line. But, it is possible to make a great choice with the right considerations.

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