Try Some Regional Wines Made in the USA

Try Regional Wines Made In America For An Exceptional Value

In the past few years, we have tasted and rated many regional wines from America. The best wines tell a compelling story, even if they are not from the West Coast. They are enjoyable to drink. Many offer exceptional value.

It can be an exciting adventure to find them. Some are as rare as they are sophisticated because production can be just a few hundred cases. They are rare and rarely distributed, so it is essential to interact with producers to obtain them. This is often where the real adventure begins. Often, it’s in remote tasting rooms that do not offer warm welcomes.… Read the rest

wines to drink from Trader Joe's supermarket

Trader Joe’s Fans Check Out These Wines To Drink

Trader Joe’s supermarket is famous for its selection of private label and cheap wines. Unfortunately, some of its just plain bad. However, there are some gems to be found in this large group of cheap wines, and we reveal our entire favorite picks in this list of the best wines at Trader Joe’s. Continue reading to see our complete guide to Trader Joe’s supermarket wines to drink.

From Chianti and a primary Cotes du Rhone to even Amarone, Barolo, and Napa Valley Cabernet TJ offer just a bit of everything, usually at prices that balance the sweetness. If you’ve been thinking of some of those wines that can probably be good, you’ve come to the best place because we have tried just about all of them. (We have also poured a heck of a good deal of them down the drain!)… Read the rest

wine for a party

Choosing The Right Wine For A Party

Imagine the situation. There is a group of guests coming over for a dinner party, perhaps colleagues or potential clients that the host must impress. These invitees all need good entertainment, hospitality and – most importantly – great food and the right wine for a party.

But, the host barely knows these people.  The host will have a hard time understanding what type of wine the dinner guests would expect at the party.

What is a good host to do, especially with so many individuals attending?

Figuring out the type of wine for each guest is too difficult. There is no way to please all of the guests all of the time when stocking up on wine.

For starters, hosts can’t start going around asking for individual preferences. This tactic is time-consuming and a little over-kill in some circumstances. This asking approach also runs the risk of high costs. Finding individual bottles for each guest is impractical.

Instead, hosts need to stock up on an inexpensive crowd-pleaser that will get the job done.  Stocking up may seem like a risky strategy with deals and relationships on the line. But, it is possible to make a great choice with the right considerations.

This guide to choosing the right wine for … Read the rest

Best Summer Wines

Here Are The Best Summer Wines To Try At Your Next Gathering

This is the season for pool parties or better yet, grill out in your backyard or by the lake, watching the children and friends skiing in the waters while sipping on some of these cool refreshing best summer wines.

In summer, the perfect soiree features light, simple offerings paired with subtle and thoroughly refreshing summer wines. It is true that people can drink all types of wines all through the different seasons. Nonetheless, some wines are perfect for the searing heat of the summer and some even more perfect for pairing with the signature juicy grilled steaks of summer.

With all the entertaining that people do during the summer, it is essential to have a rich collection of thirst-quenching summer wines for the different indoor and outdoor occasions. However, with thousands of wines in the market, the process of selecting summer wines is often confusing and full of dilemmas.… Read the rest

Best Wine Picks for holidays

Top Holiday Wine Picks For 2016

Best  Holiday Wine Picks

Thanksgiving dinner is those meals that have to be perfect. There are kids to satisfy, in-laws to impress and hungry spouses wanting a good meal. The food is the star of the show – more specifically the turkey.

The wine is sometimes the last consideration with so much else going on. Ideally, you want a well-balanced bottle that compliments the bird, stuffing, sauce and everything else on the plate. This guide to top international and US wine picks for the holidays is here to help.

This list covers a diverse selection of whites and reds to suit different tastes.

White Wines That Are Perfect For This Holiday Season

Read the rest
Wine Picks

10 Reliable Wines From Across The US

Wines From All Over America

Wine lovers are always keen to try a new bottle from a new producer, and this is where great wine reviews can help. The more diverse a list, the better the options for US wines. There are many high-quality wine producers all across the world creating stunning Merlot, Zinfandel, Chardonnay and much more. We often turn to the French, South Africans and Australians for something with more body or an unusual taste. These wine-producing nations are great, but we shouldn’t ignore producers on our doorstep.

The following ten wine reviews and all come from the US. There are plenty of established and experimental wineries across this nation. Many are found in California as this is prime vineyard territory. This is why the majority of our wine reviews are tailored to this state. Winemakers can also be found in other states, however, and this guide will also head to the Pacific Northwest.… Read the rest