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Choosing The Best Cookware: Why Big Name Endorsements Aren’t Always Best

Choosing The Best Cookware Without Big Name Endorsements

Cookware sets should be designed to last for years, but even the best need to be replaced. Ideally, we all want a diverse, durable set with a good performance and little cleaning effort. The assumption with the best cookwares is that the best option is the one with the highest price and most pieces.

It is too easy to be tricked by celebrity endorsements and shiny packages when cheaper sets can be just as beneficial.

Beware Of Big Names 

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Big brand names and celebrity chefs often lead the way when it comes to the most attractive products. The problem is that TV endorsements don’t necessarily lead to the best cookware. Don’t forget that these familiar faces are getting plenty of money out of this.

Consumer reports show that there are some good points too “top” brands, like Racheal Ray and Guy Fieri sets. The former is pretty easy to clean, and the latter heats up evenly. The problem is that there are also clear downsides. The Rachael Ray pan doesn’t heat up evenly, and the Guy Fieri sets aren’t easy to clean.

Buyers looking for the best cookware tend to get drawn in by flashy sales claims that place a product above the competition. The words perfect’ or revolutionary’ get thrown around far too often when describing the results or performance.

“Cook the perfect source with this revolutionary new system/cooking surface/material”. The problem here is that there is a lot of room for error. Buyers may be able to get away without stirring on medium heat, but the term medium is vague anyway.

Unfortunately, cookware adverts are full of over the top claims and details that are open to misinterpretation. A claim of a 16-piece, non-stick set means we expect 16 high-end pans or different shapes and styles.

Some manufacturers have been known to cheat, however, and include lids or tools as pieces. The best cookware will count a lid and pot as one item and offer a clear inventory of all pieces before you buy.

Stick With The Basic Needs And Look For A Set With The Value For Money.

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Ignore the big names and over-hyped product lines and take a moment to consider your basic needs. You need a cookware set that provides a durable surface, non-stick materials, and even heat distribution. Uncoated pans simply don’t make the grade and consumer reports on the best cookwares show that non-stick is the only way to go. The Calphalon Simply Nonstick 10-piece set offers the same amount of pans as the Guy Fieri set mentioned above. The difference is that these pans are durable, easy to clean and offer even heat distribution without the food sticking. The Swiss Diamond Reinforced 10 piece set is stronger with a great performance, but it is a lot more expensive at $600.

The final piece of advice for buying the best cookwares is to take a closer look at the frying pan. These pans are the ones that will be replaced most often, so it pays to find an affordable, durable replacement. Calphalon and Swiss Diamond have highly rated once again. Swiss Diamond has a $90 aluminum frying pan that holds up to durability tests. Calphalon challenges this with a $40 omelet pan that ticks all the boxes regarding design and performance.

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