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A Review Of The Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson has planted another bold flag in its quest to dominate the design of vacuum cleaners.

Few companies have such a stellar brand reputation and following, so any new release from Dyson is big news. Last year, for example, Dyson jumped into the crowded robotic vacuum cleaners market with mixed results.

The release of the new Dyson V8 is the latest example. This machine is their new and improved addition to their stick vacuum cleaner range. The V8 is designed to be tougher, faster, quieter and more user-friendly than the Dyson V6.

At the same time, it offers the best alternative to the big Ball.

Why Is The V8 Better Than The Previous Dyson Vacuum Cleaners?

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The V8 is essentially the upgrade on the V6. This is isn’t the most logical number(where was the V7?) but it makes more sense than Xbox One. The names of Dyson’s cleaners are usually pretty self-explanatory.

The Dyson Animal is for animals.

The Big Ball has a big ball.

The V8 highlights the V8 motor. This V8 motor means greater suction power and a more efficient performance on dirt and hair. It is quick, efficient and easy to use.

This powerful V8 motor also means that the product has a stronger battery life than other vacuum cleaners.

The V6 wasn’t the most pathetic offering, but the V8 doubles its lifespan at 40 minutes.

Some buyers still complain that 40 minutes isn’t a long time. It all depends on how much time you want to dedicate to vacuuming – and the size of your home.

Another interesting claim is that the new V8 model is quieter than the V6 and other older models.

Dyson says that there a 50% reduction in noise. Buyers don’t dispute this because there is certainly a difference in sound.

There isn’t the tough, low-toned roar of previous vacuum cleaners and it is easier to talk about it. It ‘s hard to determine whether or not this equates to 50%, 60% or 40%.

Ironically, the high-pitched whine does mean that the machine sounds weaker than the V6. At least buyers have the results to prove otherwise.

Are These Stick Vacuum Cleaners Better Than Something Like The Big Ball?

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Stick vacuum cleaners have become the new favorite of many homeowners. They are especially beneficial in homes that are short on storage space because of their size.

The new Big Ball model may be tough on dirt, but it isn’t as portable as these stick models. The main reason for this is that the big ball is so big that it struggles to get underneath furniture. The upside of the Big Ball is that it stops the vacuum from falling over, whereas the V8 is top heavy.

Stick vacuums can be a problem when they get too top heavy. This means it ‘s hard to find a skinny vacuum with an appropriate dirt canister.

The canister is larger this time so that it can hold more dirt than the V6, but the machine only weight 2.6kg. There is also a new way to empty it out. A simple button releases the full filter for easy cleaning. This should mean that buyers don’t need to reach in and dig out the dirt and hair anymore.

The Problem Is That Not All Dyson Customers Are Convinced

There are a lot of areas where Dyson’s designers have tried to make improvements. This is evident in the new dirt canister and lighter weight. Some buyers can’t help but wonder if there is enough that sets this model apart from other vacuum cleaners.

The system still uses the hated trigger mechanism, and there isn’t enough of an overhaul for buyers that just bought the V6. The price is another reason why some Dyson lovers are holding off. They need a bigger reason to ditch their working V6 and spend hundreds of dollars.

There are mixed opinions about this Dyson V8, but it is still a great option compared to other vacuum cleaners. The V8 engine is the best in any Dyson vacuum, but there is still work to do with the design. It is still recommended because of the high suction, long battery life, small stick body, and dirt system.

The V8 can suck up dirt effectively over a 40-minute session while staying light, quiet and manageable. This is more than can be said for the V6 or the Big Ball vacuum cleaners.

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