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Southern Kitchen Design Guidelines And Tips

There are a certain warmth and charm to a southern kitchen. When it is about creating this comfortable look in the center of the house, there’s no lack of kitchen decorating concepts, from weathered wood boards and painted cupboards to rocky marble floors and plantation tables.

This design brings a casual and inviting feel to any home, whether in the city or countryside and seems equally posh in both little spaces and large homes. We have gathered an array of southern kitchens that are filled with inspiration to help you create the kitchen design of your dreams.

Discover southern kitchen ideas that are sure to add beauty to your space and inspire your next renovation.

Whether you’re making a complete kitchen overhaul or you are just looking for a few quick and simple upgrades, these creative kitchens are sure to inspire you.

In the South, a beautiful kitchen is implicitly always the center of the home and serves as soul and the heart of the house. Here, we’re going to share some of our favorite kitchen inspiration for people seeking a refresh or beginning new.

There are many distinct kinds of kitchens. Some are with brass accents, subway tiles, and Carrara marble. Some kitchens are vibrant and bold with wooden countertops, bright blue, and shining nickel accents.

Others are more contemporary kitchens with polished chrome and funky light fixtures. Although all the different kitchens in this curated gallery will inspire you to take a leap and create a gorgeous kitchen in your own home.

What makes a Southern Kitchen Style Design?

Well, pretty much only a great deal of food, love, and loved ones.  Which means an open concept is vital! Besides a lot of room for family and cooking, we have a few more tips to share with you regarding ways to incorporate Southern charm in your space.

Incorporate Distressed Elements

One of the simplest ways to add that Southern flare is to bring a touch of classic and distressed elements. You don’t need to become a designer to learn how popular the distressed look is right now. From furniture to floors to home decor — it is one of our favorites! Whether it’s a big distressed kitchen table, molding, island, or floor – this is the best way to add that Southern charm.

Family & Food, Open Concept Feel

As we mentioned, when it comes to Southern-style, food and family is the main focus. Which means you need plenty of space!

The kitchen is the meeting location for most families, and while some contemporary designs appear to have forgotten that, this is the kitchen’s primary purpose, Southern designs have always maintained ample room for everything. Think storage accessories which make room for all your cooking materials and pantry items, and a large island or peninsula where you can seat a crowd for dinner.

If Southern-style conjures images just of floral teacups and lace doilies for you, you are missing out. Southerners are rooted in custom, and those roots go deep, but the new South allows for creative liberties that are sure to match any style, whether you are in the mood for dim sum or dumplings. While there are several ingredients which are mainly Southern, it is up to you to include your taste.

Shaker-Style Cabinets

A staple in many Southern houses, they are timeless and forever stylish. If you would like a different texture, you can upgrade this traditional cabinetry with contemporary, oversize drawer pulls.

Mason Jars

The former “hillbilly wineglass” is presently a kitchen mainstay. It is affordable, available in most grocery stores, and exceptionally versatile. Use mason jars as candle holders to decorate a kitchen island or on the counter to display baked products or snacks.

Patterned Walls

In the South, they always appreciated background. If you are feeling uneasy, add intrigue by papering just an accent area or the interior of a glass cabinet.


The “fauxidermy” trend is riding high, making for lots of animal-friendly alternatives. Retailers from Target to Restoration Hardware carry pieces for almost any budget. “Steer” clear of putting anything with imitation fur near cooking areas.

A Quilt For a Table Cover

An afghan or a quilt from the living room can look dated. Wrapped across a desk, however, it is wonderful and surprisingly civilized — quintessentially Southern.


Get them from the shadows to center stage. Down here, we use our grandma’s dishes, and not just for the holidays. Antique silver vases or trays combine beautifully, with new stainless steel elements.


Drive through the well-known districts of various Southern towns, and you are bound to see older clapboard homes. We love the concept of a clapboard kitchen wall in an otherwise contemporary kitchen.

Nature-Inspired Hues

The palette in the South is milder because Southerners spend a lot of their time outdoors, so bring the outside colors in. A grass-green backsplash is a new departure from standard-issue white or gray.

But even a sunflower-yellow kitchen towel or a sky-blue rug can lighten the appearance of your room. Accessorizing surfaces with fresh seasonal fruit is the cherry on top.

American Woodwork

We’ve always appreciated local artisans. The new Southern-style is put forth by the next generation carrying on older customs of woodworking. Younger Southerners are looking ahead, not backward. They’re interested in design as a means to continue a sense of heritage.

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