Southern Cooking Tricks Collard Greens

Simple Tricks For Perfect Southern-Style Collard Greens

Southern-Style Collard Greens

A love of Collard Greens is a cultural thing. These greens are unusual to many US residents that did not grow up with them. Some of us get the fun of experimenting with them as a substitute for kale or cabbage. However, the scary part of using collards come when your Southern spouse starts reminiscing about their grandmother’s recipe. The following tips and tricks are designed to help you understand these southern greens a little better. With practice and experimentation, you can create some amazing dishes.

Collard Greens Need A Long, Slow Cooking Process

 Southern Cooking Tricks For Collard Greens

This vegetable is a staple of Southern cooking and rarely seen in more northern parts. This is mainly due to the cooking time. Greens usually mean simple, leafy produce that cooks down in a few minutes. They are certainly more convenient that way. You need more love and patience with collards, which is why they suit Southern cuisine so well. It can take 2 hours to slow cook these greens to the perfect texture. They need time to soften and soak up the flavors. Chefs that take the time to treat them right don’t look back.… Read the rest