Best Wine Picks for holidays

Top Holiday Wine Picks For 2016

Best  Holiday Wine Picks

Thanksgiving dinner is those meals that have to be perfect. There are kids to satisfy, in-laws to impress and hungry spouses wanting a good meal. The food is the star of the show – more specifically the turkey.

The wine is sometimes the last consideration with so much else going on. Ideally, you want a well-balanced bottle that compliments the bird, stuffing, sauce and everything else on the plate. This guide to top international and US wine picks for the holidays is here to help.

This list covers a diverse selection of whites and reds to suit different tastes.

White Wines That Are Perfect For This Holiday Season

 White Wine Picks

White wine is the most obvious choice when finding international and US wine picks for the holidays. There are plenty of light, fun white wines around that have the right balance and texture to suit this meal. The following list starts with three of the top US wine picks from very different varieties. This is followed by two international options that might offer a different approach.

Groth Sauvignon Blanc:

Groth Sauvignon Blanc Wine Picks

Napa Valley has to be one of best places to start when looking into US white wine. This infamous region is home to the Groth Sauvignon Blanc. This is a finely aged wine with a richer body and flavor than some other wines. This punch and the melon flavor compliment the turkey nicely.

Hogue Pinot Grigio:

Wine Picks Hogue Pinot Grigio

The second of out top white US wine picks is the Hogue Pinot Grigio. This is a light Pinot Grigio with citrus tones and a sweet fragrance to lift a heavy meal. The other interesting aspect to this wine is that this Italian-inspired wine comes from the Pacific Northwest. This is a region gaining moment, and this Pinot Grigio is a great place to start.

Paraiso Riesling:

Wine Picks Paraiso Riesling

The Paraiso Riesling takes us back to California, this time to Monterey County. Riesling is not a variety that immediately comes to mind. This Paraiso bottle is different because it is full of flavor and brilliantly balanced. There is a dryness to it, but it is also fruity and sweet with hints of apple and peach.

Michel Torino Don David Torrontés Reserve:

Wine Picks Michel Torino

Sometimes it is fun to go for something completely new. That is what buyers get with the Michel Torino Don David Torrontés Reserve. The Torrontes grape is revered in Argentina but less well-known in the US. Like the Riesling, this wine offers a blend of peach and apple. The difference is that you know you are getting a conversation starter.

Torres Viña Esmeralda:

Wine Picks Torres Viña Esmeralda

The final wine in this list of whites comes from Spain. Spain is not a country we often think of when it comes to wine. This bottle could change that and become another conversation starter for your guests. The grapes are grown on mountains west of Barcelona and lead to a medium-bodied offering that is ideal for turkey. The jasmine scent is also particularly appealing and memorable.

Red wines that compliment your holiday meal.

Wine Picks Red wines

White wine is usually the type that we associate most with a poultry dinner. The tried and tested international and US wine picks above are therefore highly appealing for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays. However, these turkey dinners are so complicated and heavy that a whole host of wine varieties can be paired with them. The following three options are a trio of reds that offer just the right balance for the meal.

Buena Vista Carneros Pinot Noir:


The important thing to remember about red wine and turkey are that you don’t want a high tannin count. The wine needs to be lighter to compliment the meal. The Buena Vista Carneros Pinot Noir comes from Jeff Stewart’s respected California winery. It is highly regarded due to its soft feel and rich cherry flavor.

Bogle Petite Sirah:

Wine Picks Bogle Petite Sirah

Some wine lovers tend to avoid Petite Sirah in their US wine picks. This is because it can have a high tannin content and doesn’t suit the meal like other, lighter reds. The Bogle Petite Sirah is different because this Clarksburg product has softened the approach. This lighter wine is more versatile than its competitors and suits Thanksgiving with its fruity taste.

Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda:

Wine Picks Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda

The final wine in this list of top international and US wine picks comes from Argentina. There is an international fusion with this Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda. It uses Italian grapes grown by Tuscan winemakers in Mendoza. The result is a light red that it is still juicy enough to make an impact on your Thanksgiving guests.

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